Trump Brutally Exposes Bill Maher As Fraud

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, former President Donald Trump took aim at television host Bill Maher, calling him “ratings challenged” and claiming that Maher failed on his short-lived attempt with CNN. Trump suggested that Maher had to start talking about the truth because his credibility was being eroded.



Trump further criticized Maher for bringing on Donna Brazile, referring to her as a person who was fired from CNN for allegedly giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton. The former president’s post reflects his ongoing critique of media personalities and outlets, emphasizing issues related to credibility and perceived bias.

As Trump continues to utilize social media to communicate with his followers, these types of posts contribute to the larger discourse around media representation and political narratives.

On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian and pundit expressed his concerns about President Joe Biden running for re-election in 2024, not because of his age but because Maher believes Biden will lose due to the perception that he is too old. Maher referenced recent comments from Democrat David Axelrod, who suggested that Biden should “get out or get going” in response to the idea that Democrats might need a different nominee.

While both Maher and former DNC chair Donna Brazile acknowledged that people age differently and criticized ageism, Maher argued that the issue lies in the public’s perception of Biden. Despite expressing confidence in Biden’s ability to do the job, Maher believes the perception of Biden being too old will lead to his defeat in the election.

Brazile did not specifically express confidence in Biden’s victory but noted that Biden has defied predictions of losing before. Maher’s critique reflects concerns within the Democratic Party about the potential impact of Biden’s age on his electability in the upcoming presidential race.

MAHER: What do you think of prominent Democrats like David Axelrod calling for Biden to, quote, “get out or get going” … Did he say that? Get out or get going?

BRAZILE: I believe in a tweet or two and some stuff. Look, people think that Joe Biden is is is perhaps too old. They’re right.

MAHER: Perhaps?

BRAZILE: Don’t spill the water or something might come out of it.

BRAZILE: You know, everyone ages. Differently.

MAHER: I agree. I’ve said —

BRAZILE: You know so, Betty White lived to be 99. Mick Jagger is still twisting his ass.

MAHER: I have been the one making that case year after year here against ageism. I always said it’s a case by case basis but..

BRAZILE: it’s a case by case.

MAHER: But for that argument to have teeth at all, you also have to be the person who can go, Yeah, but this is the case. And I’ve said it before. Do I think Joe Biden can do the job? Absolutely. I don’t think he can win the job. And that’s what I care about. He’s going to lose. Because the people think he’s too old. And perception is reality. I’m sorry.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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