Trump Brutally Humiliates John Kelly’s Wife

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social:



“John Kelly pretended to be a “tough guy,” but was actually weak and ineffective, born with a VERY small “brain.” He had a hard time functioning in a political world, and was truly an exhausted and beaten man when I fired him. In the end he was a “mummy” who sat in his office and stared at the ceiling – he was “shot.” I’ll never forget how his very nice wife told me that “John loves you, and respects you more than anyone, he will always say the BEST things about you.” Oh well, so much for that!”

During a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Jonathan Lemire shared insights into the concerns within Trumpworld regarding the bombshell indictment and the looming legal battles faced by former President Donald Trump. Lemire explained that there is growing unease surrounding the indictment on 37 counts related to Espionage Act violations. Trump’s inner circle recognizes the gravity of the situation and believes that Special Counsel Jack Smith cannot be intimidated using the playbook Trump has employed in the past.

Lemire noted that Trump and his allies have been apprehensive about this development for some time. They fear that Smith, unlike previous adversaries, is impervious to their usual tactics, which involve creating distractions, launching attacks, and claiming bias. So far, these strategies have proven ineffective against Smith’s approach to the case.

In addition to the New York investigation, which Trump’s camp appears relatively unfazed by, there are concerns about other ongoing legal issues. One of them involves potential revelations contained within the Mar-a-Lago documents. The Trump team is deeply worried about the implications these documents may hold. Furthermore, the situation in Georgia continues to be a significant cause for concern. Trump’s allies perceive it as a persistent threat that has not diminished over time, and they anticipate further complications to arise from it in the coming weeks.

Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe, highlighted the strength of the evidence against Trump in both the Georgia and Mar-a-Lago cases. He pointed to recorded conversations, substantial physical evidence, and admissions of guilt made by Trump on tape, during speeches, and even on Sean Hannity’s show. The combination of these factors has put Trump in a vulnerable position legally.

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