Trump Brutally Insults Kevin McCarthy With Photo

According to Meidiate, former President Donald Trump made waves on Wednesday with a series of social media posts that fueled speculation about him potentially becoming the Speaker of the House. These posts came in the wake of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s ouster from the role. Trump’s provocative online activity included sharing articles and endorsements from prominent figures within the Republican Party.



In one of his Truth Social posts, Trump shared an edited image of himself holding the symbolic speaker’s gavel, a provocative visual statement suggesting his interest in the position. The mere idea of Trump taking on this role generated significant attention and conversation across various media platforms.

Shortly after this post, Trump amplified messages of support from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Greene, a staunch Trump ally, publicly endorsed the notion of Trump becoming the Speaker of the House. Bannon, on his show “War Room,” argued that Trump, as the de facto Republican nominee, could unify the party by assuming the role of Speaker.

Given that Trump is essentially the nominee, who better to bring this party together and to do it now?

trust no House Speaker to actually support Trump for President in 2024. House Speaker Trump is the only one I trust to support Presidential candidate Trump,” wrote Root in the article. “Good riddance to McCarthy. Don’t let the door hit you in the a–s on the way out. Get lost. You’re finished. Adios. In the words of Trump, ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’

Trump further bolstered his case by promoting an article authored by Wayne Root, a former Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee. Root’s article not only endorsed Trump as a potential Speaker but also delivered a scathing critique of McCarthy, labeling him a “TRAITOR.” Root expressed skepticism about any other House Speaker supporting Trump’s presidential bid in 2024, asserting that Trump himself was the only trustworthy candidate for the job.

Fox News host Sean Hannity had previously hinted at efforts by a group of House Republicans to draft Trump as Speaker, suggesting that Trump was “open” to the idea. This revelation added fuel to the growing speculation around Trump’s potential Speaker candidacy.

Remarkably, several Republican representatives had already voiced their support for Trump as Speaker, even before his recent social media posts. This list included staunch Trump allies like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Troy Nehls. Even House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, considered a frontrunner for the Speakership himself, acknowledged Trump’s potential in the role, declaring that he would “be great” as Speaker.

These developments created a buzz within the Republican Party and the broader political landscape, as Trump’s social media activity hinted at a possible return to the political forefront in a unique and influential capacity. The prospect of Trump as Speaker of the House promised to reshape the dynamics of the Republican Party and the larger political landscape in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.

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