Trump Called ‘Toddler’ By Family Member After Testimony

The recent discussion on The Dean Obeidallah Show, featuring ex-presidential niece Mary Trump and host Dean Obeidallah, provided a playful yet insightful analysis of former President Donald Trump’s stormy exit from a recent court appearance. Trump’s abrupt departure from the trial, prompted by a series of legal setbacks and a significant fine for breaching a gag order, became the focal point of the conversation, evoking laughter and humorous comparisons to a misbehaving toddler.



As the hosts delved into the details of Trump’s trial experience, they emphasized the surprising nature of his instant accountability in the courtroom, showcasing Judge Arthur Engoron’s firm handling of the situation. Mary Trump’s vivid comparison of her uncle’s courtroom behavior to that of a chastised toddler added a humorous touch to the discussion, drawing parallels between Trump’s discomfort and a child’s first time-out.

Reflecting on Trump’s atypical loss of control in the courtroom, the conversation highlighted the significance of the moment, considering Trump’s typically dominant presence in various settings. The hosts speculated on Trump’s potential reluctance to return to the court, emphasizing the emotional strain associated with being held accountable and losing control of the narrative.

Further insights from Mary Trump shed light on Trump’s strategic motives for attending the trial, suggesting that his presence was initially intended to influence public perception but later evolved into an attempt to assert dominance over individuals like Michael Cohen. Acknowledging the shift in power dynamics, the discussion touched on Trump’s potential attempts to use Cohen as a proxy to assert influence, underscoring the complex dynamics at play during the trial.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: And what I love is that he made Donald instantly testify. His lawyers couldn’t stop it! He goes you come up here, testify under oath, and he goes “I’m the trier of fact and I don’t believe you,” which is layman’s speak for you’re a liar! And he fired him $10,000. Have you ever seen your uncle The Donald ever, this instantaneous accountability?

MARY TRUMP: No. As I said somewhere, it was as if for the first time in 77 years, the toddler had been given a time out! And as you know, he didn’t react particularly well to it.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: No, the word stormed out. They say. I’m not sure why he stormed out because of Michael Cohen or he stormed out because of this kind of thing–

MARY TRUMP: It was because of that. I think the quote is he stormed out in a huff! (laughs)

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: And I’m sure he yelled at his lawyers, Well, why didn’t you protect me? They couldn’t do anything. The judge says, come up here. So, I mean, do you think he goes back to that court much? I don’t know if he’s there today. Do you think he’s going to keep going back and risking this? I mean, he’s got to, on a personal human dynamic level, I imagine it’s got to be very painful to him. He’s actually been held accountable.

MARY TRUMP: Yeah. You know, again, the, one reason he reacted so badly is because there have been very few, if any, circumstances in his entire life in which he didn’t have control of the room. So to have to sit there and take it must have been extremely painful. I’m guessing he regretted having shown up. I don’t know that he’s there today either. But what people need to understand is he doesn’t have to be. He showed, he showed up voluntarily. And remember, this is the only case he’s shown up for. He didn’t bother going to the E. Jean Carroll civil trial, I think, ever. So he’s putting himself in this position.

I believe he was there at the beginning to control the spin. And over the last few days, he was there simply to stare down Michael Cohen, not recognizing–. Maybe he’s starting to I don’t know, but not recognizing that he can’t intimidate people like Michael Cohen anymore. Although as our friend and fellow Nerd Avenger Jen Taub pointed out, he’s using Cohen as a proxy to intimidate other people. So that’s part of it.


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