Trump Calls For Big Name Witnesses Against…

Donald Trump needs to refrain from using Social Media. The former president has caused enough trouble for himself by constantly posting about his New York trial. He targeted the New York Attorney General Letitia James, and Judge Arthur Engoron in a new post on Truth Social.



Trump called out Michael Cohen and his testimony in the post. He talked about how the false testimony and Cohen’s acceptance that Trump didn’t ask to inflate values should be enough to drop this trial and the charges against him.

The former president talked about Mar-a-Lago being underpriced by the Judge. The former commander in chief states in his post that banks and insurance companies made money and that’s why there are “NO VICTIMS, No Defaults, No Complaints.” He asked judges, people and lawyers to keep an eye on the injustice happening in the courtroom.

The Trump Hating Judge in this case has gone off the rails. The case should have never been brought by the Corrupt, Racist Attorney General, but with any other Judge it would have been dismissed. Their Star Witness admitted he lied, “TRUMP did not Inflate Values.” The Judge says Mar-a-Lago is worth $18,000,000, when it’s 50 to 100 times that amount. I really believe he’s CRAZY! Also, I have a 100% Disclaimer Clause (reader beware!), and Financial Statements are Conservative. NO JURY! RIGGED CASE! He doesn’t care about Justice, but the PEOPLE, Lawyers, and Judges throughout the land see what is going on in his courtroom. Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct!!! Banks and Insurance Companies are witnesses for ME. They all made money, NO VICTIMS, No Defaults, No Complaints. This Corrupt Judge doesn’t even acknowledge or accept the decision of the Appeals Court. He Gags and Fines me constantly, for no reason. He should be thrown off the “Bench” as a giant Embarrassment to New York State!

Donald Trump is only closing the door of any survival in the ongoing trial

It needs to be understood that one can plead for forgiveness if they abide by the law. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is only trying to narrow down his options. He is closing the door of any such possibility and it looks like the chances of him getting free from this trial are feeble. Trump and his words are not stopping until the law brings it down.

Trump has called out the judge and his constant charges against him. The former president has violated the gag order on multiple occasions and has been fined for not cooperating with the law. It’s funny to note that Trump is still going ahead and doing things that violate the gag order imposed on him. It doesn’t look like he is going to stop anytime soon.

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