Trump Calls Republican Governor A ‘Sloppy Dog’

In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump criticized Chris Christie, referring to him as “Sloppy Chris Christie.” Trump recalled Christie’s performance in the Great State of New Hampshire during the 2016 presidential primary, claiming that Christie did poorly and dropped out immediately after the votes were counted. Trump mentioned that Christie endorsed him after leaving the race.



Trump then went on to criticize Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey, accusing him of effectively abandoning the state to campaign. According to Trump, Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey was 9%. Trump drew a comparison between Christie and Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, using the term “DeSanctimonious” to refer to him.

The former president concluded the statement by asserting that New Hampshire doesn’t like what he called the “Sloppy RINO Dog,” referring to Christie, and expressed disapproval of Ron, who is in 5th place. Trump ended the statement with “MAGA!” which stands for “Make America Great Again,” a slogan associated with his political brand.

Sloppy Chris Christie did so poorly in the Great State of New Hampshire in 2016 that immediately after the votes were counted, he dropped out and endorsed me. He then went back to New Jersey, which he had effectively abandoned to campaign (much like DeSanctimonious in Florida!), to an approval rating of 9%. New Hampshire doesn’t like that Sloppy RINO Dog, and they don’t like Ron, who is in 5th place, either. MAGA!

Donald Trump Truth Social 07:27 AM EST 12/15/23
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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