Trump Calls Speaker Candidate ’Communist Enabler’

In a recent post on Truth Social, Laura Loomer shared a video highlighting Tom Emmer, the Uniparty’s potential pick for Speaker of the House, discussing his stance on the Electoral College. Loomer alleged that Emmer openly expressed his desire to eliminate the Electoral College in the video. Loomer further claimed that Emmer had previously served as a paid spokesperson for The National Popular Vote initiative, an organization allegedly backed by prominent figures like George Soros, Alex Soros, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party.



Loomer suggested a correlation between Emmer’s affiliation with the National Popular Vote initiative and his potential Speaker of the House candidacy, insinuating that his selection would serve the interests of the Uniparty. Loomer went on to label Emmer as a “NEVER TRUMPER and COMMUNIST ENABLER,” emphasizing her opposition to his potential speakership. She urged her followers to share the video widely and to inform their representatives of their intent to withhold donations if they support Emmer.

Moreover, Loomer connected Emmer’s endorsement by Kevin McCarthy to the latter’s purported efforts to promote Ron DeSantis for the presidency, hinting at a larger political strategy. Notably, Loomer highlighted President Trump’s lack of support for Emmer, suggesting that her followers should follow suit.

The post reflects Loomer’s critical perspective on Emmer’s political affiliations and potential role as Speaker of the House, with strong implications about his political motivations and allegiances. As of the post’s timestamp on October 23, 2023, Loomer’s message underscores her clear opposition to Emmer’s candidacy, urging her audience to take action against his potential appointment.

Laura Loomer

MUST WATCH: In this video, the Uniparty’s pick for Speaker of the House Tom Emmer admits he wants to get rid of the Electoral College. Emmer previously served as the paid spokesperson for The National Popular Vote initiative, an organization funded by George Soros and Alex Soros. This organization is also heavily tied to Barrack Obama and the Democrats. This is why they want Tom Emmer to be Speaker of the House. NEVER TRUMPER and COMMUNIST ENABLER Tom Emmer must never be Speaker of the House! Share this video with everyone!! Tell your reps you will boycott donating to them if they vote for Tom Emmer! Emmer has also been endorsed by Kevin McCarthy, who has been working behind the scenes to get Ron DeSantis elected as President. President Trump doesn’t support Tom Emmer, and neither should you!! Donald Trump Truth Social Post 01:11 PM EST 10/23/23

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