Trump Caught ‘Cheating’ On Golf Course?

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-hosts have yet again mocked former President Donald Trump on Thursday morning. They didn’t take a shot at Trump’s ridiculous claims or legal issues but at it was his obsession with and claim to be amazing at golf via Mediaite.



Co-host Mika Brzezinski recalled Trump’s Truth Social post from earlier in the week in which he boasted about golf trophies he won at his golf club.

From there, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist offered a peek into the mind of Trump and how his golfing represents a “microcosm” of the world around him:

Scarborough: Crazily enough, I went to an event last night, and we’re talking to a guy who had golfed regularly with him in the past, I said, “Oh, so you’ve dealt with him too, huh?” I go, “What did he–” And he cut me off, he goes, “He cheats. He cheats!” And the guy was laughing, And this is a Republican guy, I bet he voted for him in ’16 and maybe even ’20. He’s not going to vote for him in ’24. But he just talks about how he would always brag about all the club championships they’d have. And of course, you remember when we would interview him back before he was in the White House or in politics, you’d go into his office, and he would go, “And this is the club trophy I won here, and this is a club trophy.” Just not a, no self-awareness to the fact that he somehow magically wins club championships, even when he misses the first day or two. He’ll give himself the advantage to… I mean, it’s really, it’s just absolutely crazy. And they stand around clapping. He’s able to bend reality even when it has to do with golf scores.

Geist: Yeah, it’s meaningless, but it is a microcosm of all of it, isn’t it? The cheating, the people standing around, letting him doing it, handing him a trophy for doing it afterwards. He’s never, remember this is the guy who has fake magazine covers. Made them himself.

Brzezinski: Exactly.

Geist: Time Magazine, stuff like that.

Brzezinski: Time Magazine!

Geist: He’s that guy, Joe, you’ve maybe played with some times where you get to the end of the hall and you watched him spray it into the woods, hit it in the water, four putt. And then he, “What did you get?” And he goes, “Uhhhhhh… That was four? Put me down for a four.” Really? That’s Donald Trump playing golf.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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