Trump Caught Lying Before Funeral With Melania

According to RAW story, former President Donald Trump is set to face another trial this week related to a defamation case filed by journalist E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of sexually abusing her. Trump’s legal team attempted a last-minute delay by filing a request with U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, citing the need for Trump to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. However, the request was swiftly denied, and the trial is scheduled to proceed as planned.



MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin commented on the denial of the delay request, characterizing it as a flimsy application. She emphasized that Trump is not obligated to be present and pointed out that he has campaign events scheduled for Wednesday, undermining the explanation provided by Trump’s legal team.

Rubin highlighted that many key issues in the upcoming trial had already been decided in a previous defamation lawsuit filed by Carroll. The jury in the earlier trial had determined that Trump sexually assaulted and defamed Carroll with malice. The current trial primarily focuses on determining the measure of damages related to Trump’s defamation of Carroll at different points in time – during his presidency in 2019 and after leaving office.

The legal analyst noted that the trial is expected to be shorter since the major disputes have been addressed in the previous proceedings. Rubin highlighted that the core of the case revolves around financial compensation for Carroll, both as restitution for damage to her reputation and as a punitive measure against Trump for persistently making defamatory statements about her even after the previous trial.

Trump’s continued denial of the sexual assault allegations and his disparaging remarks about Carroll are cited as key factors in determining the damages. The case underscores the intersection of legal and reputational consequences for public figures involved in high-profile lawsuits, particularly in the context of ongoing public statements and actions by the individuals in question.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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