Trump ‘Caught Off Guard’ After Female Lawyer Betrayal

According to insights shared by New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman, the recent guilty plea from Sidney Powell has caught former President Donald Trump and his close associates off guard, leading them to grapple with the implications of this unforeseen development. Haberman, renowned for her extensive coverage of Trump and her comprehensive network within Trump’s inner circle, portrayed a scene of uncertainty and concern within Trump’s camp following Powell’s decision to accept a plea deal, necessitating her testimony in future legal proceedings.



During a segment on CNN’s Inside Politics, Haberman shed light on the prevailing sentiments within Trump’s sphere in the wake of the news, indicating a divided opinion about the significance of Powell’s plea deal. Some individuals close to Trump downplayed the potential impact of Powell’s testimony, suggesting that her ability to provide substantial information might be limited. Additionally, there were assertions that the District Attorney might have overcharged in the case, prompting concerns about the handling of the legal proceedings.

On the flip side, there were apprehensions that Powell’s potential revelations could implicate not only Trump but also Rudy Giuliani, thus amplifying the apprehension within Trump’s inner circle. Despite Trump’s primary focus remaining on the ongoing case brought by the New York Attorney General, which revolves around his business dealings, the unexpected turn of events involving Powell has instigated a sense of unease among those associated with Trump.

Haberman emphasized the palpable unease prevailing within Trump’s camp, highlighting the absence of any optimistic interpretations of the recent developments. The segment also underscored the former President’s heightened concerns about the implications of the civil trial in New York for his business interests, reflecting the magnitude of the legal challenges confronting Trump on multiple fronts.

BASH: Maggie, what are you hearing from inside Trump world about this deal? And what are the sort of reverberations happening?

MAGGIE HABERMAN: Yes. Dana, this caught Trump world by surprise as it did all of us. This was one of the best kept secrets out of that D.A.’s office in some time. They’re still trying to figure out what it means. There are some people in his world who are telling me they don’t think this is that big a deal for him. They think that her ability to actually really testify as marginal.

They’re arguing that this shows that the D.A. overcharged in this case. The flip side is the argument that she intentionally charged this way so that she could end up getting guilty pleas. And there’s nobody who’s happy about it. You know, there is concern about the degree to which Powell could offer information not just about former President Trump but about Rudy Giuliani as noted before.

Now, the former president is still down and most concerned right now with the New York A.G. case, which is about his business. And that is really where the bulk of his mindshare is. But there’s nobody in Trump world who is pretending this is a good development. They’re just, you know, split on what exactly it means.

BASH: That’s such an important point that we have to keep remembering. And it’s easy to do when there’s so much happening in the world. But the former president was in New York this week, because he is so worried about what the civil trial up their means for his businesses.

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