Trump ‘Chickens Out’ In Court Room After…

Former President Donald Trump pledged several times during the trial that he was going to testify but didn’t. Just as he has done in all of his other court cases stretching back decades, the most litigious plaintiff and defendant in the history of the United States claimed he was going to testify, then chickened out as per Ron Filipkowski.



His “legal spokesperson” Alina Habba also claimed repeatedly that her client was ready, willing, able, and anxious to take the stand with nothing to hide.

Trump supporters at his rallies stated that they were excited that he was going to testify because “It’s the right thing to do.”

“But alas, the cult leader is, and has always been, a coward. As we have seen in his discovery depositions, where the rules of cross-examination don’t even apply so they are much easier than testifying at trial, Trump always performs terribly when pinned down and forced to answer specific questions rather than ramble off topic like he does on right-wing TV networks.”

Filipkowski noted that Trump “only subjected himself to three serious interviews in the last four years – with Leslie Stahl, Jonathan Swan, and Bret Baier. He performed miserably in each of those.”

He noted that Trump has been involved in over 4,200 court cases in his life and has always boasted that he was going to testify. However, he never does. Filipkowski feels that’s because, “he is a fraud who talks a big game but never backs it up with action. Trump is a coward at heart who knows that he is a fraud. That is why he will never allow himself willingly to be put in a position where he will have to answer questions.

Trump was forced to sit for depositions in his civil cases, that is the only reason why he did them. However, he had a choice to testify in his criminal trial. He chose to answer the allegations with silence – except for outside the courtroom. The man who complained bitterly that the judge would not allow him to speak and defend himself because of the gag order finally got his chance, and he passed.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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