Trump Claims He Humiliated Big Name Terrorists

Former President Donald Trump and his campaign are in clean-up mode as a result of the backlash from his comments about the attack on Israel earned him a rebuke from the White House and an Israeli minister. It has been noted that he appears to be walking back criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu and has praised the Israeli Defence Force.



After appearing to back off from his attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump has found another way to insert himself into the conflict in Israel — by claiming he will defeat Hamas as he did Isis if re-elected in 2024.

The former president posted on Truth Social:

“Many are using an example of “just the way ISIS was defeated in Iraq and Syria, HAMAS will likewise be defeated.” Please remember that it was the Trump Administration that defeated ISIS, and quickly, after years of futile attempts by previous administrations! Someday we will be given proper credit for all of the many successes we had. In the meantime, we will do it again in 2024! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

A follow-up post seemed to imply he would help out now… if only he hadn’t been indicted four times by “politically hungry prosecutors”.

“Can anyone imagine that with all of the self inflicted and imposed problems that the United States is experiencing, both at home and abroad, that I am being forced to fight off politically hungry Prosecutors, Radical Left Democrats all, on the greatest political Witch Hunt of all time – All started by Crooked Joe Biden as an unprecedented attack against his Political Opponent, ME, for purposes of Election Interference, and more. What a Shame, what a Shame!!!”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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