Newsom Drops Replacing Biden Bombshell

Gavin Newsom shut down calls to replace Joe Biden after the debate.



Former President Donald Trump recently told a group of African-American supporters on Wednesday that his support in the Black community has “skyrocketed” because of his mugshot via Mediaite.

It was last year that Trump was arrested and had his mugshot taken in Fulton County Jail after he was indicted by district attorney Fani Willis on racketeering charges relating to his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the state.

On Wednesday, Trump was joined by a group of prominent leading Black Republicans, including Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, at a barber shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Instead of attending in person, Trump gave his remarks to the attendees via a phone call in front of the press.

The presumptive GOP nominee claimed that his mugshot was more popular than Frank Sinatra’s and Elvis Presley’s mugshots.  Trump then suggested that his support amongst Black and Hispanic voters has “skyrocketed” because of his arrest:

But since this has happened, like the mug shot, the mug shot is the best.  It just beat Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra by a lot. By the way, beat it by a lot. But that’s the number one mug shot of all time. It’s, it’s really an amazing thing. Since it happened, the support among the Black community and the Hispanic community has skyrocketed. It’s been amazing, really been amazing. It’s it’s been actually very nice to see. You know, in one way, you say, gee, isn’t not too bad. But the truth is, it’s really a lovely thing when I see that we have great support now in the Black community and in the Hispanic community.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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