Trump Could Get Jailed After Trial Meltdowns?

CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson recently told Jim Acosta that the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial should put him in jail for violating a gag order via Mediaite.



It has been noted that on Wednesday, the Republican nominee blasted potential jurors in his New York criminal trial, despite a gag order from Judge Juan Merchan prohibiting Trump from making public statements against them and other members of the court.

In a post to Truth Social, Trump quoted Fox News anchor Jesse Waters, who spoke about the potential jurors on Wednesday night:

Jackson spoke to CNN for an interview on Thursday morning in which he was questioned about the potential consequences Trump should face. The legal analyst recommended that Judge Merchan place Trump in jail for a few hours to give the order “teeth.”

JACKSON: You can’t hide behind anchors. You can’t hide behind what other people are saying. You can’t hide behind the notion that it wasn’t me. I’m just quoting someone. The judge rendered an order. That order said that you’re not to be sending out posts as it relates to either witnesses or jurors or, you know, so follow the order. And so what is going to be of interest to me is by Tuesday, number one, Jim, how many other times the former president does this, if any? And number two, what, if anything, the judge does? I think we’re beyond the stage of admonishing someone, saying don’t do it. I think we have to give an order teeth. And to do that, I think there’s one of two things: Economics, right. Do you fine him or do you put him on ice? Right. You put him in, you know. It’s a former president at the same time-

ACOSTA: Put him in jail? Joey, is that what you’re saying?

JACKSON: Why not? That’s exactly what I’m saying, Jim. I mean, look, yes, I get he’s a former president. I get the Secret Service. I get this case is like no other. But if you’re going to have someone completely flouting the rules of the court, how else are you going to maintain decorum? How else are you going to maintain respect? How else are you going to conduct the trial if you don’t have consequences? People need consequences to incentivize good behavior, otherwise it leads to bad behavior. And so maybe it’s a maybe it’s a few hours, maybe it’s a half a day. But it would be of interest to me. We’re not there yet. The hearing is Tuesday. How many more times does he do this? What are the universe of issues considered on Tuesday with respect to gag order violations and what the judge does to enforce it? I think that’s very important.

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