Trump ‘Dangerous And Deranged’ Killing Threats Revealed

It is noted that MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday discussed the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll out over the weekend, which showed President Joe Biden losing to former President Donald Trump by a stunning nine-point margin via Media Ite.



Host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, asked MSNBC contributor and Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes for his take on the poll.

“Well, I mean, obviously, the Washington Post poll, the ABC poll is fuel for bedwetting,” Sykes replied, adding:

“But I mean, let’s just think about the last three days where we’re at here. Donald Trump mocked a disabled veteran and called for the execution of General Mark Milley has called for the complete shutdown of the government unless they defund the prosecutions against him. He’s asked for all Senate Democrats to resign over the Menendez case. And, you know, he’s talking about using government power to retaliate and shut down NBC for criticizing him.”

Trump posted on Truth Social on a Friday evening, levelling charges of treason against Milley. He went on to state that, had it been in the past, Milley would have been subject to capital punishment. Milley is a highly regarded general and a former chief of staff of the Army. He has been the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff since 2019 and is scheduled to step down at the end of the month.

“And yet we look at this poll and we’re supposed to think that he’s got a reasonable shot to win the presidency,” Sykes continued, switching gears a bit.

“And he does. Look, that ABC poll is an outlier. You look at the numbers of youth voters and it tells, you know, there is no way that Donald Trump is winning the youth vote. This is not to be taken seriously, but the warning signs are out there. And the ABC poll, I think, underlines, along with other polls, that this is going to be a tight race,” he added, concluding:

“It is going to be a close race as as have all of our presidential races in in recent years. And it is going to come down to some swing states. But this notion that somehow there is no such thing as political gravity anymore is kind of fanciful because Donald Trump is out there reminding Americans as loudly as possible that he is thoroughly dangerous and deranged. And at some point, I think that is going to get a little bit of traction. This is the season where you’re firing blanks. You can say that, ‘yeah, Joe Biden’s too old or that I’m not enthusiastic about him.’ But a year from now, we’re going to be faced very directly with the choice Are we going to put Donald Trump back in the White House again?”

Scarborough agreed with Sykes, adding, “Yeah, I mean, people just aren’t focused. They just aren’t focused. I know this will come as a shock to a lot of a lot of people watching this show.”

“I think you’re right, Charlie, When they do start focusing and I said, no, I don’t think Ron DeSantis is running, by the way. I don’t think that’s going to work out. But but when they do start focusing, you are right. There is going to be there. They’re going to be a lot of people asking a lot of questions about, you know, do I really want to vote for a guy who’s calling for the execution of this, all of the things you talked about,” concluded Scarborough.

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