Trump Dangerous Threats After Conviction Revealed

In a recent campaign email, former President Trump doubled down on his post-conviction vows to seek retribution against his adversaries, invoking the stark message “Haul out the Guillotine!”



Following his conviction on 34 felony counts last month, Trump and his allies have intensified their agenda of settling scores. Despite his prolonged courtroom battles in Manhattan, Trump used the email to rally his supporters, urging them to stand firmly with him.

He referenced a past incident involving Kathy Griffin, who had controversially displayed a mock severed head resembling Trump during his presidency. Trump criticized the left’s response and media coverage, depicting it as emblematic of enduring animosity towards him and his supporters.

Trump asserted that his guilty verdict hadn’t shaken him, insisting that ongoing legal challenges won’t impede his political ambitions. He underscored the pivotal role of unwavering voter support in sustaining his campaign’s momentum.

Moreover, Trump hinted at potential repercussions for Democrats, suggesting they could face legal consequences. He argued this was a justified response to what he perceives as unjust treatment during and after his time in office.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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