Trump ‘Dark’ Attack On Female Prosecutor Revealed

In a recent post on his Truth Social account at 08:45 PM EST on October 16, 2023, former President Donald Trump adamantly asserted the immediate dismissal of what he referred to as a “Fake Case” against him. Trump contended that his Financial Statements were deliberately conservative, and he emphasized that the opposing party’s valuation of properties like Mar-a-Lago and Doral was significantly overstated, claiming an error in the billions of dollars.



Furthermore, Trump highlighted the absence of a 100% Disclaimer Clause at the beginning of the Financial Statements, insinuating that crucial information was omitted. He underscored the use of a statute for the lawsuit that, according to him, had never been employed before, characterizing the situation as a “MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE AND ELECTION INTERFERENCE ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE!” The statement reflects Trump’s ongoing disputes regarding legal matters, emphasizing his position on the alleged inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the case against him.

According to Laura Loomer, Despite living on a lifelong public servant’s salary, this radical New York City public advocate, who currently “serves” as the Attorney General in New York, still managed to purchase a four-story, brownstone in her native hometown of Brooklyn, New York in 2001, which is now worth several million dollars.

Throughout the years, James has performed “hazardous” and unauthorized restoration to her now multi-million dollar residence.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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