Trump Daughter-In-Law Drops Coke Bombshell

During an appearance on Newsmax’s The Balance with Eric Bolling, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, made controversial remarks about a recent incident involving the discovery of a bag of cocaine in President Joe Biden’s White House. Trump took the opportunity to boast about the lack of such scandals during her father-in-law’s presidential administration.



Expressing her belief that if cocaine had been found in the Trump White House, it would have caused widespread media coverage and public outrage, she criticized what she perceived as a lack of transparency in the Biden administration. Trump argued that the Biden administration operates with a “smoke and mirrors” approach, deflecting questions and avoiding addressing concerns adequately.

Trump also suggested that the White House’s security cameras could be used to identify the person responsible for bringing the illegal substance into the premises. She claimed familiarity with the White House entrance as a former member of the Trump family, stating that the cameras could easily identify individuals who entered the specific area in question. However, she criticized the lack of answers and transparency surrounding the incident.

 “But this is pretty part and parcel coverage to what we’ve seen throughout the entire Biden administration. This is an administration that operates not in transparency, but in smoke and mirrors. You kind of just get a big fog over everything. Whenever there’s any question asked, you’re very lucky if it is even addressed.”


Here we are with an illegal substance being brought into the White House. I know this entrance very well as a member of the family, myself at one time, I know how I got to enter the White House, but I know how everyone else entered the White House. There is no doubt they can very easily figure out where this came from, who brought it in. They can review the cameras as to the people who went in this very specific area and figure it out, but for some reason Eric, we have no real answers on this one.

Continuing her remarks, Trump asserted that no illegal substances were brought into the White House during the Trump administration, contrasting it with the recent cocaine discovery. She further mentioned a separate incident where a transgender model exposed her breasts during Biden’s White House Pride party, using it as an example of what she considered inappropriate behavior in the current administration.

In conclusion, Lara Trump expressed her dismay over the cocaine incident in Biden’s White House and used the opportunity to boast about the absence of similar scandals during her father-in-law’s presidency. Her comments stirred controversy, with some perceiving them as an attempt to divert attention from the issue at hand and promote a partisan agenda.

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