Trump Daughter-In-Law Posts Beach Swimsuit Photos

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter in law, Lara Trump recently took to her Twitter account and posted a series of pictures from the beach. Check out the Tweet below:



It has been noted that CNN’s Brianna Keilar was taken aback at the number of poll respondents who insisted on writing in former President Donald Trump – even when faced with one-on-one matchups that did not involve the former president.

On Wednesday, the network released a comprehensive study revealing that Trump remains the frontrunner in the Republican primary for the early primary state of New Hampshire. It is worth noting that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was once viewed as a strong contender by donors, only managed to secure fifth place.

“So, the latest CNN/University of New Hampshire poll is pretty interesting because it shows this stubbornness that we’re seeing among Republican voters,” Keilar said. “There are hypothetical matchups between Biden and other non-Trump Republican candidates. And what it showed was a substantial number of voters essentially ordered off-menu. They wrote in Trump – still – as their pick. For instance, in this poll of Christie vs. Biden, 16% told us they would still choose Trump. Ok, he’s not on the menu. But they are still choosing him.”

GOP strategist Alice Stewart predicted the polls in New Hampshire will “tighten up.”

“Trump is the best of the GOP candidates in New Hampshire,” she said. “And people in New Hampshire are set in their ways. But as we get closer to the first-in-the-nation primary, they’re still window shopping. They’re still looking. They’re still going to make up their mind. And more people are going to go out into New Hampshire, do that retail politics, and change minds. And I expect those numbers in terms of these candidates against Donald Trump, it’s going to tighten up between now and then.”

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