Trump Daughter & Mean Girls Star Bombshell Leaks

Tiffany and her husband Michael Boulos have been together since 2018, and got married on Nov 12, 2022, at Mar-a-Lago. The name of the matchmaker has come to light recently and the person is Mean Girls alum via She Knows.



It was back in Jan 2018 that Tiffany and Boulos were spotted out in London, but in that same year, their relationship really heated up during their visit to a Mykonos beach club. It was none other than Lindsay Lohan’s beach club.

As reported by Page Six, Tiffany did indeed fly to Mykonos along with Warren the following month, in July. The trio was seen attending a benefit in order to help the victims of the Greek wildfires. It is noted that they also made time for some fun in the sun. But it was one photo, in particular, that may have resulted in some tension. In a since-deleted photo posted by Warren, Tiffany, Lohan, Warren, and a couple of others are seen posing on a yacht. But no faster than Warren had hit “share.”

It has been reported that Lohan was having a get-together at the club, but she admitted another layer to the story. While she knew both of them, and was quite friendly with both, she wasn’t exactly there with both of them when it happened.

The Parent Trap actor told People, “I know him … and I know her … but I don’t know what happened.” So while she wasn’t the direct matchmaker, she did provide a romantic setting for the two’s romance to bloom further

For those that don’t know, Lohan and Tiffany first met in early 2017 through their mutual friendship with Andrew Warren, per The Washington Post. She also made rare comments to the New York Times, calling Tiffany “a really sweet girl. Nice person.” As for Boulos, he and Lohan were introduced through mutual friends.

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