Trump Declares Victory In State After Data Release

Former President Donald Trump claiming victory in Georgia’s Republican presidential primary which will be held on May 21, 2024 via Media Ite.



On Wednesday, Trump boasted the results of an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showing him well ahead of his Republican rivals in Georgia. The survey, which he posted on Truth Social, noted him polling at 57% with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a distant second at 15%. Mike Pence, his former vice president, landed in third with 4%.

In a subsequent post, declared he notched “a big win”:

Wow! A big win in Georgia for President Trump! Georgia, which is absolutely a Republican state – I have no doubt about it, bad things happened – is showing up big. They demand accountability and they demand it now. So sad what has happened to one of the greatest places on Earth. But we will win in 2024. Georgia will lead the way. I believe Georgia’s gonna lead the way and we will make America great again. We have to take back our country – 2024, the most important election maybe that this country has ever had because our country’s going bad. We’re a failing nation. Georgia is going to lead the way. You watch. Thank you very much.

Trump had previously falsely claimed the 2020 election in Georgia and other states were rigged against him. After the election, he attempted to overturn the results by leaning on state officials. In one infamous phone call, he asked Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” 11,780 votes in his favor so he would have enough votes to win the state.

The former president was recently indicted in federal and state court over those efforts. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts in the former case and will be arraigned in state court next week. Trump remains the runaway frontrunner to win the GOP presidential nomination.

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