Trump Destroys Liz Cheney For McCarthy

Liz Cheney’s remarks on the former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy haven’t gone well with Donald Trump. Cheney had called out house speaker for the current chaos.



Liz spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the fiasco and clearly blamed McCarthy for the current situation. Cheney has been always against Trump and never wastes a second to call him out.

What we’ve seen is a result of really the leadership decisions that Kevin McCarthy made all the way back after the 2020 election ― and certainly after Jan. 6. And looking the other way in the face of the kind of assault on our democracy that we’ve seen from Donald Trump and his allies in the House, including Jim Jordan. Elevating those members, frankly, some of whom are white supremacists, some of whom are antisemitic, a number of whom were involved directly in the attempt to seize power and overturn the election.

According to Yahoo News, Cheney even took down Jim Jordan and his failure to get the speaker position. Liz even talked about how she receives threats due to this outburst.

While Cheney has lashed out at McCarthy, Kevin has recieved an amazing support from Donald Trump. Trump took to Truth Social and shared his thoughts on the entire situation.

Liz Cheney shouldn’t be attacking Kevin McCarthy. She lost by the biggest margin in history for a sitting. Congressperson. A nasty, vicious soul. Kevin was wise to her long before anyone else. He deserves Congrats!

He called out Cheney in what looks to be a war of words. Only time will tell how things pan out for the two political people.

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