Trump Dropped Bin Laden Conspiracy Bombshell

Donald Trump circulating a disproven and false Osama Bin Laden conspiracy theory has resurfaced on the 9/11 anniversary.



It has been noted that Fox News contributor Ben Domenech recently assessed that it’ll be a “bad idea” for former President Donald Trump to testify in his own defense like the former president says that he wants to via Media Ite.

The Spectator editor-at-large recently joined Howard Kurtz on Sunday as a panelist on MediaBuzz, where the subject turned to Trump’s interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Kurtz recently brought the panel’s attention to the moment when Trump said “I look forward to testifying” in the case of his alleged mishandling of classified documents, false statements and obstruction of justice.

“Of course Donald Trump wants to testify and clear his name,” Kurtz said, “but something tells me his lawyers are going to do everything in their power to block that.”

Domenech and Kurtz wound up having a laugh as they agreed “[Hewitt] has to know in an instant, this is a bad idea. [Trump] should not be answering this question.”

“He absolutely should not have committed to that, I don’t think, and I don’t think that his lawyers will want him to take the stand because I think it’s just simply too unpredictable in terms of any direction can he could go and the questions directed at him.”

From there, Kurtz spoke with liberal guest Leslie Marshall, and they agreed it would be “unwise” of Trump to take the stand if his attorneys cannot control him.

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