Trump Drops Barack Obama Health Bombshell

According to The Huffpost, former President Donald Trump took a moment during a rally in Coralville, Iowa, to emphasize his health, asserting that he is the epitome of good health, surpassing even his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. While criticizing President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, Trump claimed that he recently underwent a physical examination, passing it “with flying colors” and excelling in a cognitive exam.



During the rally, Trump brought up Rep. Ronny Jackson, a Trump-supporting former White House physician known for his unconventional praise of the ex-president. According to Trump, Jackson, who also served as Obama’s doctor, declared Trump to be the healthier individual. Trump playfully hinted at this revelation without explicitly stating it to the crowd.

Trump shared an anecdote from his interactions with Jackson, claiming that the physician remarked, “You’re the healthiest guy. If he didn’t eat junk food, he’d live to 200 years old.” The former president seemed pleased with this assessment, declaring, “That’s my kind of a doctor.”

In 2018, Jackson indeed provided a favorable health assessment of Trump, suggesting that with a healthier diet, the president might live to be 200 years old. Last month, Trump released a brief letter from his doctor affirming his excellent health and exceptional cognitive exam results, which he has since referenced multiple times.

Throughout his remarks, Trump contrasted his own health with that of Obama, who concluded his presidency at 55 years old, while Trump left office at the age of 74. The former president, known for his ongoing interest in Obama, has consistently emphasized his own health while scrutinizing Biden’s fitness for office. Despite Trump’s occasional blunders, he continues to present himself as a robust and mentally sharp leader, contrasting his narrative with critiques of Biden’s performance.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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