Trump Drops Biden ‘Cognitive Decline’ Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that President Joe Biden is unaware of his own existence during a town hall on Tuesday night via Mediaite.



It has been noted that speaking with Sean Hannity of Fox News in front of a crowd of Iowans, the former president ranted about Biden’s cognitive capacity.

Trump, the likely Republican challenger to the president, claimed that even in his younger years, Biden was intellectually limited. He told an anecdote about the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

“I did him a big favor one time,” he said of Kennedy. “And somehow, he liked me and I liked him even though we were opposite in many ways, politically, certainly. And I said to him, ‘Who’s the smartest guy in the Senate?’ He gave me a name. I don’t want to tell you because I really don’t like the guy at all. He’s still around. I said, ‘Who’s the dumbest? He said. ‘Probably Joe.’ I said, ‘Who’s Joe?’ ‘Joe Biden.’”

Trump then said Biden cannot be depended on to have the nation’s nuclear codes.

“Nuclear weapons are the biggest problem we have,” he continued. “And we have a man that can’t put two sentences together. We have a man that doesn’t know he’s alive. And he’s backed up by the media. The biggest problem we have is the media. The media’s fake. I came up with the term a long time ago and they won’t talk about it. If I did some of the things that he did, they’d would reinstitute the death penalty.”

The death penalty, while still valid at the federal level, has not been used during the Biden administration.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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