Trump Drops Biden Coke Bombshell Before Debate

It has been noted that the former President Donald Trump had a normal one on Tuesday and told rally-goers that President Joe Biden would do cocaine before their debate next week via Mediaite.



The two presumptive nominees for president are set to square off in a debate hosted by CNN on June 27. Biden and Trump debated twice in 2020, with the first event being an infamous affair in which Trump interrupted Biden and the moderator more than 140 times.

Speaking at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump appeared to allude to a mini-scandal in which a baggie of cocaine was found at the White House last year. In doing snow so, he suggested Biden will be “so pumped up” on the drug:

Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue. Now we’re gonna watch– is anybody gonna watch the debate? He’s gonna be so pumped up, he’s gonna be pumped up. You know all that stuff that was missing about a month ago from the White House? What happened?


Somebody didn’t pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. I wonder who that could’ve been. I don’t know. Actually, I think it was Joe.

Some Republicans have speculated that the cocaine belonged to Biden’s son Hunter Biden, a recovering drug addict.

Trump isn’t the only conservative to speculate about the president being on some type of substance. After Biden delivered the State of the Union address in March, Fox News’ Sean Hannity criticized the president for having too much energy.

“At times it became uncomfortable watching him screaming and yelling and speeding through that speech,” Hannity said. “The AP affectionately called it ‘feisty.’ I guess that’s one way to describe it. Tonight, America saw, let’s say, a very different Joe Biden. I might call him ‘Jacked-Up Joe.’ And that’s being charitable. He sounded like a hyper-caffeinated, angry, old man.”

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