Trump Drops Biden ‘Open Wounds’ Bombshell

Donald Trump has made a strong statement on Truth Social, criticizing President Joe Biden for allegedly deciding that Medicare will not cover more than 50,000 Americans suffering from severe open wounds caused by diabetes. Trump accuses the Biden administration of neglecting these patients, despite support from doctors, medical research, and patient pleas.



He argues that Biden has failed in his promises to ensure the safety of Americans, maintain a strong economy, and secure borders. Trump claims that Biden’s decision jeopardizes lives and contradicts his previous commitments. He concludes by assuring these individuals that “help is on the way this November,” suggesting potential changes following the upcoming elections.

Trump’s message taps into a broader narrative of criticism towards Biden’s administration, focusing on healthcare decisions and their impact on vulnerable populations. This statement also aligns with his ongoing campaign strategy, positioning himself as a savior to those he claims are neglected by the current administration.

Crooked Joe Biden is saying Medicare will not cover more than 50,000 Americans living with horrible open wounds caused by diabetes. Their message to these Americans: “Tough it out.” Despite the testimony from doctors, ground-breaking medical research, and pleas from patients for help, the Biden administration is abandoning them. It’s bad enough Crooked Joe has broken his word to us about keeping America safe, our Economy sound, and our Borders secure. Now Joe’s playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives, and doing something he promised he’d never do. These people are hurting, but they should know that help is on the way this November! Donald Trump Truth Social 10:18 AM EST 06/05/24

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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