Trump Drops Bombshell After Insulting Dying Soldiers

Donald Trump has posted on Truth Social, “Crooked Joe Biden’s “Handlers” are loudly and profusely complaining that there will be no Fact Checkers during the Debate on Thursday. Actually, that is just DISINFORMATION – They could not be happier, because there is nobody that’s as loose with the TRUTH as Crooked Joe. From the 51 Fake Intelligence Agents, to Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Fake “Suckers and Losers Story” he created about our beloved Military, to cheating in College and saying he was first in his Law School Class when he was actually LAST, to claiming he marched for Civil Rights, drove trucks, and has a 6.2 Handicap (He can’t hit the Golf Ball 10 yards, but that’s a minor detail!), and so many more falsehoods, the man is a walking LYING MACHINE, and a Fact Checker’s DREAM. Maybe we should call him “Lyin’ Joe” in addition to Crooked?”



On Truth Social, Donald Trump fervently critiques Joe Biden and rivals, unleashing sharp opinions with his trademark bravado. Trump’s posts are direct, often lambasting Biden’s policies while highlighting his own accomplishments. His rhetoric on Truth Social resonates with supporters, rallying them against perceived political adversaries. Trump leverages the platform to amplify grievances, targeting Democrats and critics alike with unfiltered commentary. Each post serves not just as political critique but as a rallying cry for his base, fostering an echo chamber of support and dissent. In Trump’s hands, Truth Social becomes a potent tool for shaping narratives and mobilizing opinion in the digital age.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph is the editor and lead reporter of Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to wrestlingedgeofficial

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