Trump Drops Cheating Bombshell To Mitch McConell

In a recent post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump voiced his concerns about what he characterizes as an attempt by the Democrats to manipulate the electoral process in Pennsylvania through what he calls the “Automatic Voter Registration” scheme. Trump expressed his belief that the Democrats are allegedly attempting to steal Pennsylvania elections once again and that they are being supported by former President Barack Obama and the so-called “radical left.”



Trump further accused the Democrats, including the newly elected liberal governor of Pennsylvania, of being enthusiastic about this initiative. He called upon Republican leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and the Republican National Committee (RNC), to take immediate action against what he views as election-related misconduct.

The former president urged swift intervention to counter what he perceives as scams, cheating, and rigging in the electoral process. Trump underscored the urgency of the situation by emphasizing that if the Republican leadership does not act promptly, there is a need to replace them with individuals who can prevent such alleged malpractices and ensure victory in elections.

According to Mediaite, Prominent political pollster Larry Sabato, known for publishing Sabato’s Crystal Ball, took to social media to criticize ABC News and the Washington Post for releasing a recent poll that showed former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by 10 points. Sabato called the poll an “outlier” and expressed disbelief at its results.

In his initial tweet, Sabato specifically urged people to “ignore” the Washington Post-ABC poll, emphasizing his view that it was “ridiculous” and that Trump leading by 10 points over Biden was “laughable.” He questioned how such a poll with seemingly extreme results could even be published and suggested that it would be an enduring source of embarrassment for the media outlets involved.

Sabato later posted another tweet reiterating his perspective, stating that the poll was “just plain embarrassing—for them.”

Sabato’s criticism was not isolated, as New York Times chief political analyst Nate Cohn also weighed in on the matter. Cohn highlighted that the Post and ABC had referred to their previous Trump-Biden poll as an outlier, and he raised concerns about consecutive “outlying” poll results. He argued that if such outliers occurred in the same race twice in a row, it indicated an issue with the polling approach that needed addressing rather than dismissing the results.

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