Trump Drops George Soros Bombshell Before Verdict

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Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks shed light on her concerns and frustrations regarding the Democratic Party’s response to the threat against abortion rights and the rise of Donald Trump’s presidency. In a conversation with Lisa Lerner and Elizabeth Diaz for their forthcoming book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America,” Clinton expressed regret over what she perceives as a lack of action and awareness within her own party.

Clinton emphasized that the Democratic Party, and Americans in general, failed to grasp the seriousness of the threat posed by the GOP’s organized and relentless efforts to undermine abortion rights. She criticized her party for being complacent and taking these rights for granted, contrasting it with the GOP’s strategic approach.

Reflecting on her warnings during the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton revealed that her concerns about abortion rights were often dismissed as alarmist, both by voters and members of her own party. Despite her efforts to raise awareness, she lamented that her message did not resonate with enough people, contributing to her loss to Trump.

Looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, Clinton expressed apprehension that her warnings about the existential threat posed by Trump’s potential return to power would also be ignored. She anticipated a dismissive reaction, with people labeling her as “out there” for voicing her concerns.

Clinton also addressed the gender dynamics at play, noting the double standards faced by women in politics. She highlighted the perception that women are expected to be flawless, while men are granted more leeway, citing this as a factor in her loss to Trump.

Mrs. Clinton did not express regret for any inaction herself. Rather, she said her efforts to raise alarms during her 2016 campaign went unheeded and were dismissed as “alarmist” by voters, politicians and members of her own party. In that race, she had talked about the threats to abortion rights on the campaign trail and most memorably in the third presidential debate, vowing to protect Roe when Mr. Trump promised to appoint judges who would overturn it.

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