Trump Drops Hunter Biden & Cubans Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority gala in Washington D.C., using recent revelations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings to criticize President Biden’s alleged inaction regarding China’s reported efforts to construct a spy base in Cuba.



Trump addressed claims made by an IRS whistleblower, who alleged that the agency had obtained a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, the CEO of Harvest Fund Management. In the message, Biden purportedly expressed frustration over an unfulfilled commitment, leveraging his connection to his father, Joe Biden, to exert pressure on Zhao.

During his speech, Trump quoted the message, highlighting the section where Hunter Biden stated, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” Trump seized on this message and the subsequent revelation that an account linked to Hunter Biden received over $5 million shortly thereafter.

Trump playfully remarked on Hunter Biden’s tough stance, stating, “I didn’t know he was that tough!” He then attempted to link these financial transactions to President Biden’s alleged lack of action concerning reports of China’s plans to build a spy base in Cuba. Trump suggested that Biden’s silence on the matter might be influenced by his family’s financial dealings with China, claiming they had received tens of millions of dollars from the country.

Describing President Biden as a “compromised president,” Trump insinuated that his policies were influenced by past business connections. He argued that the situation was far more significant than the Watergate scandal and criticized Biden for not addressing or taking action against China’s alleged military installations in Cuba.

The Biden administration, however, downplayed the report of a secret agreement between China and Cuba, stating that it was an ongoing issue predating their administration. An administration official noted that they were aware of China’s efforts to expand intelligence facilities in Cuba and other locations globally, but disputed the specific details of the reported agreement.

Within ten days, the Bidens got $5.1 million from China for absolutely no reason. They got $5.1 million. In fact, they’ve taken tens of millions of dollars from China. And that’s probably why, maybe he’s not complaining about the fact that they’re building military bases in Cuba. Maybe that’s the reason,” he claimed.

Trump later went on to describe Biden as a “compromised president” and suggested that Biden’s policies were being influenced by past business dealings.

“This is truly 100 times bigger than Watergate. This is a much bigger story than Watergate. That’s why Biden doesn’t mind that China has opened up these military installations,” he said. “He’s basically said, it’s okay. He’s not doing anything, even saying anything. He’s not talking about it.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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