Trump ‘Emergency Hearing’ At Court Revealed

It has been noted that former Watergate prosecutor and U.S. attorney Nick Akerman spoke with CNN’s Sara Sidner on Wednesday regarding the implications of leaked proffer sessions with several of Trump’s co-defendants in Georgia who took plea deals via Media Ite.



“Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial resumes in New York this morning. Prosecutors in Trump’s federal election subversion case are urging a D.C. appeals court to uphold a gag order against the former president,” Sidner began, laying out the latest legal developments for the former president, adding:

“At the same time, because there are so many cases, Fulton County prosecutors are asking a judge there to seal discovery materials in the Georgia election subversion case against Donald Trump. Today’s emergency hearing comes after video depositions from some of Trump’s former co-defendants were leaked.”

“You look at some of what came out and of course, it’s riveting to the public because it is information that it’s normally kept secret until it comes out at trial, who benefits?” Sidner then asked Akerman after introducing him.

“The person who benefits the most from all of this is Donald Trump,” Akerman replied.

“Why?” asked Sidner.

“Because it really threatens these witnesses. It puts out the fact that three of these four witnesses have direct information on Donald Trump that is highly incriminating and is going to be part of what is likely to be a guilty verdict in that Georgia RICO case,” Akerman responded, adding:

“So you’ve got these people out there, these wild wacko MAGA crazies that will take this upon themselves to try and do something. And that’s what the concern is. You had this happen in Cincinnati after the search warrant that was executed at Donald Trump’s estate. And what happened to some guy goes to Cincinnati to try and kill an FBI agent. This is extremely dangerous.”

“Can I ask you what the protections are for the witnesses? Because Georgia doesn’t — do they have witness protection?” Sidner asked.

“I don’t think so. I mean, that’s the problem. It’s first of all, it’s very expensive. Right? Look, Mitt Romney had, has to spend $5,000 a day just on his own personal protection. I had at one time five witnesses in the federal witness protection program. This is a pretty, you know, all 24-hour type of job, seven days a week to protect people. Look what happened to Cassidy Hutchinson after she testified before the January 6th Committee,” Akerman replied ominously.

Sidner agreed, adding, “So it’s madness that we are going through this in this country because these are this is the right of the witnesses and it’s your civic duty. They’re doing what they are supposed to do by law, and yet they’re being threatened.”


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