Trump Enemy Threatens To Kill His Girl In Congress

It has been noted that a 34-year-old Donald Trump hating Georgia man was recently charged this week after he made a phone call to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) office threatening to kill the congresswoman and her family via Media Ite.



Sean Patrick Cirillo was arrested by the FBI and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday after he allegedly made several threatening phone calls to Greene’s office.

It has come to light that in a recording of one of the phone calls, the caller could be heard saying, “Hey, I’m a major donor. Yeah, I got a bead on her. Like a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle. And I’m gonna kill her next week. I’m gonna murder her. I’m gonna shoot her in the f****** head and kill her. Ok? Tell the FBI. Ok? I’m gonna kill this c***. Tell her. I’ll kill you too, if you want.”

After one of Greene’s staffers asked, “Where are you calling from, sir?” the caller replied, “I’m calling from f*** yourself you f*****. F*** your party! Your grandchildren are gonna f****** die! Die! Die!”

“Are you coming here now? Are you on your way?” asked the staffer, to which the caller said:

You f****** sellout c***, you little dick f****** white boy c***. You little dick f****** white boy! Taking money! Taking money! You little b****! You don’t think you’re gonna get payback?! You’re gonna die! Your family is gonna die! C***. You don’t think it’s gonna happen when you’re out of power?!

In a statement following Cirillo’s arrest, Greene said, “I want to thank every single member of law enforcement who acted swiftly in response to this murderous threat.”

She added, “Threats to murder elected officials should never be tolerated. It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, no one should threaten your life for doing the job you were sent by the people to do. Threats of violence must be taken seriously. And that’s exactly why I take my Second Amendment rights seriously.”

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