Trump Ex-Girlfriend ‘Threatened’ During Testimony

Adult star Stormy Daniels in her first TV interview since former President Donald Trump was found guilty, said that she was subject to harassment and threats after testifying in the New York hush money trial via Deadline.



It has been noted that speaking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Daniels said that when Trump was found guilty, “for that brief moment it was worth me testifying because at first I wasn’t going to. I had to shut down my life. I was basically — my choice — sequestered.”

However, Daniels stated that as friends were celebrating and sending her texts when the verdict came down and that it “was over,” for her “it was just getting started. For every person that was excited and thrilled and congratulating me, there was somebody else that was very upset. And it just poured gasoline on some of the stuff that I had been going through the entire time.”

Daniels said that she was “doxxed,” in which personal information like an address is maliciously published online, while “my mailbox was destroyed. My animals have been injured. My daughter can’t go outside because there’s press and looky loos out there. I’m afraid to go outside. I’m afraid to go out and mow the lawn.”

She added that the “death threats are so much more graphic and detailed and brazen, like people don’t care, and it’s scary.”

During the trial, Daniels testified about her sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, giving a vivid and graphic description of meeting him at a Lake Tahoe celebrity golf course and then meeting him later in a hotel room.

She told jurors regarding the shock at coming out of a bathroom and finding him partially clothed. They went on to have sex, and even though it was consensual, she also made clear that she did not enjoy it. She also said that Trump did not wear a condom.

In the Maddow interview, Daniels took issue with some reporting on her testimony. Although some reports were that she testified that she “blacked out” during the encounter, she said that she “blocked out” what happened. She said that therapists had told her it was a “defense mechanism” to block out a “terrible” experience.

“It is way more common for you not to remember these pieces than for you to remember them,” she said. “And it made me feel a little bit better in a messed up way or a little more normal. But I’m not — I’m not a liar.”

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