Trump Ex-Lawyer Humiliated By Woman After Racist Attack

According to NY Post, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen confronted a woman on the Upper East Side who was tearing down flyers related to missing Israeli hostages, leading to a tense exchange. The woman, who seemed to mistake Cohen for hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, retorted aggressively when questioned about her actions, accusing Cohen of being a “freak” and asserting that she should be in jail.



In response to the confrontation, Michael Cohen expressed shock at witnessing what he described as a “racist, antisemitic curmudgeon” tearing down missing-child posters. Cohen stated his intention to hold the woman accountable and shared the incident, including an image of the woman, with The Post.

“This is illegal. Turn it on yourself, freak. You should be in jail,” the woman shot back.

Cohen’s encounter occurred while walking on Park Avenue at the corner of 61st street. He emphasized the inappropriate nature of the woman’s actions, condemning her behavior and suggesting that there is no place for such individuals in civilized society.

As a one-time Trump fixer, Michael Cohen has been in the public eye, particularly during Trump’s civil fraud trial. Cohen is also known to be considering a primary challenge against Rep. Jerry Nadler. The incident involving the woman tearing down flyers adds a new dimension to Cohen’s public interactions and highlights the ongoing tensions surrounding various political and social issues.

Additionally, it was mentioned that two 18-year-olds were recently arrested for tearing down flyers on private property, potentially indicating a broader trend of such incidents.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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