Trump Ex-Mistress Humiliates Him At Live Show

Stormy Daniels made a bold debut in stand-up comedy with her show “Stormy Daniels’ One-Night Stand,” held to a sold-out audience at the AllWays Lounge & Cabaret in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her performance reportedly kicked off with sharp humor aimed at former President Donald Trump and her involvement in his hush money trial.



Daniels received a standing ovation as she took the stage, setting the tone with a joke referencing the perceived danger of New Orleans, quipping that for her, it was the first time being outside without a bulletproof vest in months—a nod to the precautions she took while testifying at Trump’s trial in New York City.

Throughout her routine, Daniels humorously referred to Trump as “tiny,” a playful jab that drew laughs from the crowd. She also mocked Trump for allegedly falling asleep during his own trial, contrasting it with the engagement she maintained during her testimony.

Addressing her political stance, Daniels revealed she remains a Republican, albeit not socially, and urged against abstaining from voting in favor of supporting Trump indirectly. She also touched on financial challenges, including legal fees stemming from a defamation lawsuit that resulted in a significant financial judgment against her.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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