Trump Explodes After Michael Cohen Testifies

Donald Trump recently posted on Truth Social, expressing his discontent with the ongoing trial involving Michael Cohen. Trump accused Cohen of being a “complete and total disaster” during the trial, alleging that he continuously lied and was consistently caught in his falsehoods. Trump further claimed that his substantial assets were undervalued in his financial statements, emphasizing the significant disparity between the reported worth and the actual value.



Regarding the trial itself, Trump decried it as “rigged,” highlighting the lack of a jury and suggesting that the proceedings were a miscarriage of justice. He emphasized that the people were closely observing the trial and would discern the perceived injustices taking place. Trump criticized the statute being used in the case, asserting that it did not grant him the rights he believed he should have and was being employed in an unprecedented manner. Despite these challenges, Trump asserted that the facts were in his favor, categorizing the trial as a “witch hunt,” a term he has frequently used to discredit investigations against him in the past.

The statement reflects Trump’s continued vocal opposition to the legal proceedings he faces, portraying his perspective on the trial and the circumstances surrounding it. As of the post’s timestamp on October 24, 2023, Trump’s position remained defiant, asserting his innocence and casting doubt on the legitimacy of the trial itself.

Michael Cohen was a complete and total disaster in the Biden Inspired Trial today. Lie after lie, and getting caught each time. My great assets are worth MORE than is on my Financial Statements, and it’s not even close. The Rigged Trial doesn’t even give me the right to a Jury, but the people are watching, and they are seeing what is going on here. A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE — The Statute being used for this “case” gives me No Rights, and has never been used for this before, but the FACTS are all on my side. WITCH HUNT! Donald Trump Truth Social Post 07:56 PM EST 10/24/23

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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