Trump Explodes At African American Woman Running For Governor

In a Truth Social post timestamped at 06:52 AM EST on November 17, 2023, former President Donald Trump voiced his opposition to the gubernatorial candidacy of New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of orchestrating a politically motivated legal case against him. Trump claimed that James, in collaboration with Judge Engoron, intentionally devalued his properties to a minute fraction of their actual worth, alleging fraudulent motives behind the legal proceedings initiated against him.



Trump’s post suggested that the devaluation of his properties, a maneuver he ascribed to a complicit judiciary, was part of a broader strategy to frame him for fraud. He portrayed the legal action as a miscarriage of justice, leading to an exodus of businesses from New York in response to what he perceives as an unjust legal environment.

The former president underscored the severity of the situation by juxtaposing the departure of businesses with the persistence of rising violent crime rates in the state. By highlighting the flight of enterprises, Trump implied economic repercussions, painting a dire picture of the state’s business landscape under what he regards as a biased legal system.

The use of the term “Peekaboo” to refer to Attorney General James introduces a dismissive and mocking tone, characteristic of Trump’s rhetorical style. Overall, the post reflects his ongoing legal battles and adversarial relationship with New York officials, with a particular emphasis on perceived injustices and their purported impact on the state’s economic and safety conditions.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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