Trump Explodes At Biden On Witness Stand

Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden on the witness stand today.



Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and replied to a video clip of Zelenskyy’s comments, writing:

“He’s losing badly but thinks he in control. The only way this stops and he gets to the table is if he knows he doesn’t have unlimited dollars. Stop funding this insanity now! Otherwise it will be nothing but death for the poor men he’s sending to the frontlines as cannon fodder.”

Donald Trump is set to appear at the Manhattan federal courthouse today where he will testify as a defendant in his $250m civil fraud lawsuit.

A white man with a scruffy beard, dark suit, light blue shirt and blue tie gives a thumbs up outside a courtroom door, with a woman with long brown hair and red blazer behind him.

The lawsuit was brought forth by the New York attorney general, Letitia James, who is accusing Trump and several top executives – including his eldest sons – from the Trump Organization of fraudulently inflating the value of the former president’s properties to secure better loans from banks.

“The number of grossly inflated asset values is staggering, affecting most if not all of the real estate holdings in any given year,” the lawsuit, which James filed last September, states.

The judge overseeing the trial, Arthur Engoron, ruled in September that Trump committed fraud for years as he expanded his real estate empire. Engoron’s ruling came as part of a rejection of Trump’s attempt to throw out the lawsuit against him.

Last Friday, Engoron extended a gag order in the trial to Trump’s lawyers. The order prohibits Trump’s lawyers from making comments about “any members of [Engoron’s] staff”. The extended gag order came after heated exchanges last week between Engoron and the defense team, which raised complaints over the frequency of notes pass

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