Trump Explodes At ‘Fat Pig’ Republican At Rally

Former President Donald Trump recently stated on Saturday that 2024 Republican primary campaign opponent former Governor Chris Christie is “not a fat pig” while speaking to a rally crowd in New Hampshire via Media Ite.



Trump spoke for about an hour and a half at the rally in Claremont, New Hampshire, covering much of the ground he usually covers. It has been noted that at one point while telling the same tall tales about having won in the 2020 election that he lost, Trump claimed he heard something from someone in the crowd and began to riff on it.

“Who said that? Who said that?” said Trump, pointing to somewhere in the crowd. He then pointed to a slightly different spot in the crowd and said, “And by the way, there’s somebody else said something.”

“They said, this man said something he shouldn’t say. I won’t defend it,” Trump said performatively. “He said Chris Christie is a fat pig.”

He then laid the routine on thick.

“You, you cannot say that, sir. You can — Please, please take that back. Please take that back,” as the crowd laughed uproariously. “No, no, no, no. He said Chris Christie is a fat pig. You cannot do that.”

“This is a tough group. These are tough — Anyway, they’re weaponizing,” he said as if going back to the speech, but immediately cut himself off to continue the fat pig bit. “You know, the beauty of that is, you know, he said that and I’m correcting him. But the beauty of that is the fake news — You know, you’re not allowed to use the fat word and you’re probably not used allowed to use the pig word. Right? The beauty of that is that the press can’t really do anything because I’m defending him.”

“I’m defend, They just, they can’t do anything, so, you know, so it’s sort of interesting the way that works out, and. They can’t really write the story because I’m defending the fact that you can’t use the word fat pig when you describe Chris Christie. He’s not a fat pig, for purposes of..” said Trump, letting that implication dangle as he pointed to the press.

“He is not a fat pig,” he said in a joking voice once more before returning to his speech, during which people not in the crowd got a few laughs at Trump’s expense.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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