Trump Explodes At Fox & Friends Host For Betrayal

Former President Donald Trump recently lashed out at Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy for having the nerve to fact-check him on Friday morning via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the night before, the former president appeared on Hannity where he falsely claimed Democrats are allowed to vote in next week’s New Hampshire Republican primary.

“Donald Trump said that New Hampshire law allows for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary,” Doocy told viewers. “That is not true. You’ve got to be a registered Republican unless you’re undeclared. The last day for a Democrat to change party affiliation was back in October. October 6th. So, that is not accurate.”

Hours later on Truth Social, Trump doubled down while calling Doocy a Republican In Name Only”:

Unwatchable RINO Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends, which is suffering mightily from a lack of interest and Ratings Decline, with Steve being the principal factor, has just blurted out that I was wrong on the fact that Democrats can vote in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. He was so anxious to go against me, that he fell into the proverbial “Trump” trap, just like all others do. In actuality, Democrats can vote, they had to register by October 6, but they can come in as Independents, and then can be Democrats, and nobody’s going to know, so already we have 3,542 Democrats changed to Undeclared, 408 to Republican (all of whom will be voting), and others will come in as Liberals or Independents. Their rationale is that they are desperate to stop “Trump,” because they don’t want to run against me, they want to run against Nikki or Ron or anyone else. If an Independent is a Democrat, they can vote. That’s what they want to do, fill up the Roster with Democrats!

Last week in the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump won against Republican competitors Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. However, the upcoming New Hampshire primary on Tuesday may be a closer race as Nikki Haley has recently gained popularity in the polls. Despite being a frequent guest on Fox News, Trump has criticized the network in the past, stating in an interview with Bret Baier last year that he thought Fox was “hostile”.

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