Trump Explodes At Hannity For Replacing Him With…

According to Mediate, former President Donald Trump has once again expressed his dissatisfaction with Fox News over its coverage of the Republican presidential primary. He accused the network of foolishly supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and suggested they have already chosen another candidate without realizing it. Trump appears to be upset with Sean Hannity for replacing him as his favorite guest with Ron DeSantis.



In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump criticized DeSantis for allegedly aiming to make changes to Social Security and Medicare, such as raising the minimum age for Social Security to 70. He also referenced a negative story about DeSantis’s spending habits in The Washington Post. Trump complained that despite his concerns, Fox News continued to feature DeSantis prominently, even on shows like Hannity. Trump asserted his “America First” stance and implied that Fox News was abandoning his agenda.

In a subsequent post, Trump claimed that his campaign was performing well in polls, with leads of 50 to 60 points. However, he argued that these positive poll numbers were not being adequately covered by television networks, echoing his previous claims of media bias and “RIGGED TELEVISION.”

Trump’s discontent with Fox News has been ongoing for nearly a year, despite his continued appearances on the network. He had previously praised an interview with Bret Baier as “fair” but later criticized it as unfriendly and hostile.

Trump went on to declare that Fox News was “gone,” just as it had been in 2016, and suggested that the only way for the network to regain its prominence was by adopting an “ALL TRUMP ALL THE TIME” approach.

“Not only is DeSanctimonious looking to destroy your Social Security, including moving the minimum age to 70, and your Medicare, but today he had a killer story in the Washington Post talking about his really bad spending habits,” began Trump on Truth Social. “He’s gone, yet Fox has him all over the place, even on Hannity last night. They’ve actually picked another candidate, they just don’t know who it is yet…Ratings Freefall! I’m America First, so it will never be me!”

In a follow-up post, Trump boasted that his campaign was succeeding in spite of the efforts of “RIGGED TELEVISON.”

“Best Polls Ever, but rarely shown on television. Leading by 50 and 60 points. Just like they don’t like showing our big Rally CROWDS, they don’t like showing our GREAT POLL NUMBERS. WE HAVE RIGGED ELECTIONS, AND RIGGED TELEVISION!” added the former president.

Despite Trump’s criticism, Fox News maintained its competitive edge in August, outperforming MSNBC and CNN in ratings, although it experienced a decline in ratings compared to the previous year, according to Adweek.

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