Trump Explodes At ‘Lunatic’ RFK Jr.

In a recent social media post, Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on a political opponent, urging voters not to waste their Republican or Conservative votes on this individual, whom he refers to as “Junior.” Trump characterizes this figure as one of the most liberal and radical individuals ever to run for office. According to Trump, Junior’s policies have led to massive increases in energy prices in New York and New England.



Adding fuel to the fire, Trump claims that Junior recently admitted to being okay with the vaccine, a stance that Trump suggests contradicts Junior’s purported radical left ideology. Trump paints Junior as a phony and criticizes his declining poll numbers, describing them as “TERRIBLE” and suggesting that his campaign is falling apart due to internal discord. This blistering critique underscores the intensity of the political divisions and controversies surrounding Junior’s candidacy.

Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow, the two drill rappers whom former President Donald Trump welcomed on stage at his massive rally in the Bronx Thursday have been charged as co-conspirators in a 2023 murder case via Daily Mail.

It has been noted that Trump campaigned ahead of thousands of fans in one of the most heavily Democratic and non-white areas of the US on Thursday in a push to do what his critics believe is unthinkable: win New York in 2024.

At the rally, he brought the pair of rappers on stage. Trump admired the dazzling diamond grills on their teeth, with the bling-loving Republican joking he wanted to get one for himself.

Sheff G – real name Michael Williams – is a 25-year-old rapper whose songs and videos have millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams.

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