Trump Explodes At ‘Racist’ Attorney And Judge

Donald Trump’s rants about his trial being politically motivated and people abusing their power isn’t ending. The former president has been talking about how his New York trial is wrong. New York Attorney General Letitia James has brought this suit and it puts Trump in the centre.



Trump has been named for inflating his assets so that his organization could get the banks and other insurance companies to give them loans and other benefits. These attempts are now out in public and people from his team have already testified against him.

Judge Arthur Engoron is heading this case, and he has fined Donald Trump on two separate occasions a fine of $5,000 and $10,000 each for violating his gag order. Trump believes that all of this is a “Witch Hunt.” He recently took to Truth Social and posted his thoughts on the entire situation.

This grossly incompetent “Judge,” who is overturned on Appeal more than almost any Judge in New York State, is a partisan political hack who totally disregards the Court of Appeals decisions against him, and won’t allow a Jury to get anywhere near my “CASE” (brought by a Failed, Trump Hating, Racist Attorney General named Letitia James, whose entire campaign for office was “I WILL GET TRUMP.” She then used this charade to run for Governor, and lost, BADLY!). The New York State legal system has broken down completely, and everybody who is watching this Witch Hunt so agrees. Hopefully, that will soon change. This CRAZED Judge ruled against me before the Trial even started, and said Mar-a-Lago is worth only $18,000,000. Other properties, likewise. This is a Biden Election Interference Scam! There were No Crimes & No Victims, and there is NO JURY ALLOWED. This Radical Trump Hater Must Be Taken Off This Case!

Donald Trump Truth Social Post 11:46 AM EST 10/28/23

What happens to Donald Trump’s 2024 election campaign?

Donald Trump may be fined for his misdeeds. It’s a huge possibility that he will be fined more than what NYAG Letitia James has asked in her suit. Michael Cohen, talked about it during his interview with CNN and said that Trump maybe fined $600 Million.

Trump knows that if he is penalized then that will impact his candidature and application for the commander in chief. He has tried to put all of this on Biden by blaming him for all the action against him. Trump knows that the doors are closing in on him, and there’s very little chance to escape.

What do you make out of this situation with Donald Trump? Sound off in the comments.

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