Trump Explodes At ‘Red Haired Weirdo’ Billionaire

Former President Donald Trump fiercely rebuked a recent New York Times report centered on leaked audio recordings revealing an Australian billionaire’s claims that Trump disclosed sensitive information at Mar-a-Lago. The report suggested that Trump was more forthcoming with classified information than previously known, based on the newly leaked audio tapes aired by 60 Minutes Australia.



The news segment broadcasted on Sunday shed light on Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt’s interactions and rapport with the former president. Pratt was previously featured in an ABC News report, where it was alleged that Trump casually divulged classified details concerning nuclear submarines.

The private comments, captured while Mr. Trump was still president, provide a rare glimpse into how a businessman on the other side of Mr. Trump’s transactions actually viewed the New York real estate developer’s tactics — with a mix of blunt acknowledgment and admiration for someone so willing to test the boundaries of the presidency.

In response to the New York Times article, Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to dismiss the report as “Fake News” and cast himself as a victim of media manipulation. He singled out Pratt, referring to him as a “red-haired weirdo.” Trump also criticized the New York Times and one of its journalists, Maggie Haberman, whom he derided as “Maggie Hagerman and the Misfits,” for failing to seek his comment, seemingly unaware that the report was supported by verified audio recordings accessible to the public.

In his statement, Trump vehemently denied discussing submarines with Pratt but affirmed conversations about job creation in Ohio and Pennsylvania, emphasizing his purported commitment to economic growth and conservative ideals. He further criticized the New York Times for what he labeled as their disregard for accuracy in reporting, accusing them of prioritizing sensationalism over factual journalism, culminating in what he derided as the production of “Fake News.”

The Failing New York Times story, leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden “Political Opponent Abuser” DOJ, about a red haired weirdo from Australia, named Anthony Pratt, is Fake News. I never spoke to him about Submarines, but I did speak to him about creating jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania, because that’s what I’m all about – JOBS, A GREAT ECONOMY, LOW TAXES, NO INFLATION, ENERGY DOMINANCE, STRONG BORDERS, NO ENDLESS WARS, LOW INTEREST RATES, and much more! Maggie Hagerman and the Misfits never called me for a comment. Why would they, they just write anything they want. Whether it’s correct or not is of ZERO importance to them. “All the News That’s Unfit To Print.” That’s why we call it the Fake News!

Despite Trump’s denial and condemnation, the leaked audio recordings and subsequent media coverage have drawn renewed attention to the former president’s handling of sensitive information during his tenure, further intensifying public scrutiny on his conduct and actions while in office. For more details, the complete New York Times report can be accessed through the provided link.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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