Trump Family Member Admits He Is Racist

Mary Trump posted on Substack about Donald Trump’s Meet the Press interview: “You can’t fact check Donald’s misogyny or racism or anti-LGBTQ+ hatred. But you can call it out. By normalizing his candidacy, you reinforce the notion that everything awful about him—every treasonous act, every cruelty, every lie, every instance of cognitive decline and stupidity is already baked in, and therefore unworthy of further comment or exploration. But that kind of pushback takes guts and sophistication.



Fact-checking lies, especially with our nearly instantaneous ability to do so—that’s easy, as well as being objective and necessary. But NBC chose to fact-check the interview after it had already happened in an article posted online thereby virtually guaranteeing that a fraction of the people who watched the interview would know about Donald’s unchecked lies. Well done, NBC.”

Not surprisingly, once Donald got away with his first spate of lies, things got much worse. When Welker asked him about the Dobbs decision and abortion rights, he said, “The radical people on this are really the Democrats that say, after five months, six months, seven months, eight months, nine months, and even after birth you’re allowed to terminate the baby—”

Welker responded, “Democrats aren’t saying that. I just have to—Democrats are not saying that.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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