Trump Family Member Attacks Alina Habba

Mary Trump has attacked Alina Habba in a new tweet.



According to a new Fox News survey, people who are not fans of Donald Trump are more inclined to switch to third-party candidates in November than are supporters of President Joe Biden.

Although Trump’s lead over Biden in the Michigan voter survey was only two points, which falls within the data’s margin of error, Trump did manage to hold onto more votes when the contest was changed from a head-to-head to a five-way contest.

The poll shows that Biden leads Trump 42% to 37%, with independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receiving 11%, Jill Stein, a former Green Party candidate, receiving 3%, and Cornel West receiving 2%. In a two-way contest, Biden receives 45% of the vote while Trump receives 47%.

In the five-way race, approximately 77% of Biden supporters stick with him, while 87% of Trump supporters stand by the former president. Trump flipped Michigan in 2016 and won but lost the state to Biden by about 3%.

The new Fox poll shows Nikki Haley shaving far more support to third-party candidates in Michigan if she’s the nominee. In a five-way race, Biden leads her 35% to 26% while Kennedy Jr.’s support jumps to 23%.

The survey was conducted February 8-12 among more than 1,100 registered Michigan voters by phone and through an online survey. It carries a margin of error of 3%.

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