Trump Family Member Reveals Melania Ditched Him At…

Host of The Mary Trump Show podcast and Trump critic Mary Trump and MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell have brutally mocked former President Donald Trump over his family’s absence, including Melania, in court and compared Trump unfavorably to Jeffrey Dahmer via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the Stormy Daniels hush money election interference trial has been the absence of large groups of supporters for Trump outside the trial and family standing by him inside the courtroom. Reporters have shouted to Trump several times asking where Melania Trump is during the trial.

On Monday night’s edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word, Mary and Larry (as Trump and O’Donnell’s friends call him) spent several minutes tearing Trump and his family members apart:

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: So the, Donald Trump’s, defense lawyer, Todd Blanche, said this in his opening statement today. “He’s not just Donald Trump that you’ve seen on TV and read about and seen photos of. He’s also a man, he’s a husband, he’s a father, and he’s a person just like you and just like me.”.

Now, I don’t know why he didn’t include uncle, since you’re out there, but, so this point about. He’s a husband and a father. That’s the first time. And I’ve been in a lot of criminal courtrooms watching trials.

That’s the first time I have seen a criminal defense lawyer describe his client as a husband and a father without without having the wife and the children in the front row of the courtroom.

This is something that I’ve never seen. Not actually made manifest in the courtroom, before Donald Trump’s in that courtroom alone. Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents were there every single day. It is. It is very hard, to to find a courtroom where the criminal defendant doesn’t have a relative sitting there in the front row.

MARY TRUMP: Yeah, well, I got a couple of things about that. First of all, it’s another example of how, he, he perverts systems or expectations. For anybody else, that would just be damning. Right. Just the way he talks about dogs would be damning.

How many times have we heard that his bizarre behavior, that that he engages in bizarre behaviors or just doesn’t conform in a way that that a, a reasonably well-adjusted human being would?

But like everything else about him, it just kind of gets baked in. Right.

But it is. Let’s, it’s worth, pausing, about how under. Unfair on. Unreal. Bizarre. Strange. Unacceptable. Weird. Whatever adjective you want to use, it is that he is there alone in terms of friends and family.

I think it is worth pointing out… One. I don’t think he cares. I don’t think it matters to him. That is not where he gets his energy. That is not what gives him solace to the extent that anything does. He’s more upset about the fact that there aren’t more people outside protesting on his behalf. Right.

But it also points to, the bizarre thing about my family that every transaction in this family is a transactional one. I’m sorry. Every relationship, I should say, is a transactional one. His kids have decided, for whatever reason, that it’s not worth their time for them to be in that courtroom because they’re not going to get anything out of it. That’s that’s the way this family rolls.

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