Trump Family Member Wants Him ‘Gagged’

Former Presidential niece Mary Trump recently noted the appeals court that lifted ex-President Donald Trump’s gag order pending the outcome of his appeal, noting he’ll be free to “to mock, insult, and otherwise threaten potential witnesses and jurors” via Media Ite.



The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has temporarily lifted the gag order imposed by Judge Tanya Chutkan while they await a decision following a November 20 hearing on the issue.

Mary Trump, the host of The Mary Trump Show podcast and a strident Trump critic blasted the decision in a video exclusive to her The Good In Us newsletter subscribers, noting Trump now has carte blanche to violate the order for at least 17 days — an eternity in news cycle time:

So the appeals court in D.C. just placed a stay on Judge Chutkan’s limited gag order on Donald Trump until they hold a hearing about that matter on November 20th. That gives Donald another 17 days to mock, insult, and otherwise threaten potential witnesses and jurors. And we know he’s going to do that because that’s what he does. And generally speaking, he stops doing it when gag orders are in place. So the whole, this is standard operating procedure in such matters.

Given everything else that’s been happening in Donald’s other trials, it continues to feel like the deck is stacked in his favor and increasingly so. Yes, thankfully, Judge Engoran, I never I can never pronounce the man’s name, so I apologize. Engoran, I think he has slapped Donald with two fines totaling $15,000, which to most people is a lot of money. And to him is is nothing. He’ll just send out a fundraising email or something to cover that tab.

Donald had to push the bounds of threatening speech before that happened and it related to Judge Engoran’s law clerk. The good news is that the judge, as of today and again, I’m talking about the New York fraud trial, expanded the limited gag order to include Donald’s lawyers because kind of inexplicably, unless they just want to change the subject or something, they started going after Judge Chutkan’s [Engoron’s] clerk yesterday.

Kind of out of nowhere because the judge and the clerk were communicating with each other by passing notes. Which last I checked, it’s a perfectly reasonable way to communicate with somebody when you don’t want other people to hear what you’re saying. And there’s a reason that the clerk is sitting there. They work together. She does work for the judge.

Anyway, the lawyers and Donald and Eric and Donny are still allowed to lie as much as they want about anything else, though, that’s going on in the courtroom. They can do basically anything except launch attacks against law clerks, prosecutors, and people who were testifying in the trial.

They can lie about the substance. They can lie about what the judge is doing. They can mischaracterize what’s happening in the courtroom as much as they want.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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