Trump Fan Tries To Kill Georgia GOP Politician

According to Fox News, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger recently denounced a disturbing incident involving the mailing of a letter containing fentanyl to an elections office in Fulton County, Georgia, characterizing it as an act of “domestic terrorism.” It may be from a Trump fan due to his frequent attacks. This alarming development follows similar occurrences in Washington state, where suspicious letters with powdery substances, confirmed to be fentanyl by authorities, prompted the evacuation of four county election offices earlier in the week.



In a press briefing, Raffensperger underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the potentially lethal nature of fentanyl and the urgent need for precautions. He emphasized the deployment of necessary resources, including Narcan, to address any potential risks associated with the handling of the mailed letter.

Considering the tragic personal experience of losing his son to a fentanyl overdose, Raffensperger urged for a comprehensive condemnation of such heinous acts. He stressed the severity of the situation, clarifying that fentanyl is not merely a drug but a lethal poison that can swiftly claim lives.

“We became aware of the situation that there is actually still an envelope that is traveling in the mail and headed towards Fulton County,” Raffensperger told reporters Thursday. “It has been tested and it did have fentanyl in it.”

“It is still in transit. It hasn’t arrived yet. They are trying to get that, intercept that before it gets here and we just don’t know where that will be,” he continued. “But we have put and prepared our people here that could receive that mail on alert and given them the resources they need with Narcan.”

I just want to really emphasize the seriousness of this. Some people like to call fentanyl a drug, but it’s actually poison. It will kill you. It will kick you very quickly, very easily. It’s very dangerous. We lost our son five and a half years ago due to a fentanyl overdose. We know how deadly this stuff is.”

While the motive behind the mailing of the fentanyl-laced letter remains unclear, Raffensperger indicated a potential connection to the incidents in Washington state, prompting the initiation of a federal investigation into the matter. The unsettling nature of these events has drawn widespread concern and underscores the critical need for heightened vigilance and security measures to safeguard public safety.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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